Naked is…

Naked is stripped back, free with everything laid bare. And that’s exactly what you get with our ingredients.


We don’t cover anything up. You get honest, Irish, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality.


And oh, we’re completely plant-based. Because we want everyone to go au naturel.


Being naked isn’t naughty.
It’s only natural.

We are Naked Bakes. Naturally Irish. Female-Founded.

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Our Story

Maybe it is nominative determinism, but with a surname like Tuck it seems you would be destined to get into the business of creating the ultimate indulgent snack. That’s exactly Aisling Tuck’s story: after seeing the love for her baked goods grow in sister company Oh Happy Treats she decided to sell her cookie dough direct to other cookie connoisseurs who can’t get enough of that freshly baked taste.

Now we want to spread the joy of our bake-at-home treats even further. We believe everyone can have the best from their own oven. We’re democratising dough.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Aisling has perfected Ireland’s first plant-based cookie dough that bakes the most indulgent cookies possible using sustainable Irish ingredients. It’s time to go au naturel.

Where can i get my cookie fix?

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Naked Bakes, Unit 5B
Killinarden Enterprise
Centre, Tallaght,