Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Naked Bakes only natural? 

Naked is stripped back, free with everything laid bare. And that’s exactly what you get with our ingredients.

We don’t cover anything up. You get honest, Irish, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality.

And oh, we’re completely plant-based. Because we want everyone to go au naturel.

Being naked isn’t naughty.
It’s only natural.

Our products are indulgent cookies that taste just as good as their non-vegan counterparts and made from as little as 8 store cupboard ingredients.


How long does it take for cookie dough to be delivered?

Once placed through our website, orders will be dispatched within 1-2 working days depending on the delivery location.


What is the shelf life of the cookie dough once delivered? 

Cookie dough will have approx 3-4 weeks shelf life when it reaches you. See the use by date on the outer packaging. 


Once opened do you have to bake all the cookies at once? 

No, simply replace the cling film and save some of the parchment paper and store your cookie dough in the fridge up until the use by date or pop in the freezer to have a cookie stash to hand whenever cravings strike. 


Can I freeze Naked Bakes cookie dough? 

Yes, it is suitable for home freezing for up to three months. Allow to thaw fully before baking.  


How long do cookies last once baked? 

Never long in our experience… Cookies will stay fresh for three days once baked when stored in an airtight container. 


Is every flavour of Naked Bakes cookie dough vegan-friendly? 

Yes all flavours are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. 


How many cookies does one 600g sized roll make? 

This depends on the size of your cookies. Generally it makes 12 medium sized cookies or 8 large ones. 


Is Naked Bakes cookie dough available to buy in supermarkets? 

Yes see full list of stockists here. 


I am a business owner and would like to stock Naked Bakes cookie dough, how can I do this? 

Create an account to place a wholesale purchase here


I would like to send a gift of Naked Bakes cookie dough to a friend, how can I do this? 

Simply enter their address (including Eircode and their mobile number) at checkout and we will see that your friend receives their gift. 


Can I send them a note with their cookie dough also? 

Yes. If you would like to include a personalised note with a gift of cookie dough, simply add comment at checkout informing us that you would like to us to include one. Our bakers write your notes by hand so please keep them as short and sweet as possible!


I have THE BEST idea for a new flavour of cookie dough, how can I tell you about it? 

DM us on Instagram or send us a mail at


I love Naked Bakes cookies but would like to order them already baked, is this possible? 

Yes! Check out our sister business Oh Happy Treats where you can order a range of delicious vegan baked goods and have them delivered straight to your door. 


Can I bake more than cookies with Naked Bakes cookie dough? 

Yes! You can make everything from cheesecakes to ice cream sundaes with them. See our Instagram for lots of recipe inspo.